Happy Birthday Esther! We are thankful for your LIFE…

IMG_4406Dear Esther,

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Although you have celebrated all of your birthdays in heaven, your legacy continues here. Both in our family, and in other families through Esther’s Hope.

Tomorrow, we will have a birthday party for you.

We have flowers and balloons, and cake with pink sprinkles. Your big sister insisted that we get the princess plates and napkins. She was sure that would be your favorite. I agreed because you are our little princess. And you are the daughter of the true King! You are enjoying His magnificence even now!

Tomorrow we will also have presents for you. A few days ago, Kyla began gathering up several of her most prized possessions and said they were for you for your birthday. So we wrapped them up. Kyla is planning on opening them for you, but she said today she really wished you were here to open them yourself. She misses you very much. But she was so happy when I told her about heaven – where you are on your birthday. She was especially happy to hear that you never get any owies! She really loves you.

IMG_4612 IMG_4608

Today, on your birthday, we wanted recognize some of the greatest gifts you have brought into our family…

You have given us a wonderful opportunities to talk about heaven and focus our lives and our family on eternity.

You have given us the chance to reach out to other families who are hurting over the death of their baby.

You have given us the chance to trust Jesus even when we have so many earthly questions.

You have given us the chance to truly love someone we don’t even fully know.

You have given us the chance to talk about and show the humanity of the unborn.

You have taught us to value one another and treasure every day we get together.


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Thank you for being part of our family. Thank you for the wonderful things you have brought us. No one else can replace you. We wish you were here today to open your presents and celebrate. But even though we are apart for now, we want you to know how very much we love you. Happy Birthday!

With So Much Love,

Mommy, Daddy, Kyla, and Elijah

Valentine’s Day 3 Years Ago

FebruaryValentine’s day

3 years ago today,  my husband, mom and I slowly made our way to the local hospital. The heaviness in our hearts was overwhelming. Just 2 days earlier the words “no heartbeat” had shattered our world, forever changing our lives and future as a family. As we checked in for our induction, the hustle and bustle of Valentine’s day cheer felt so out of place. Balloons, flowers, and chocolates were being sold at a special display in the hallway. All while uncertainty, brokenness, and sorrow filled my heart.

It’s amazing how time changes some things, yet leaves others just the same.

Now 3 years out from this tragedy in our family, much healing has come to our hearts. We don’t live in a perpetual state of grief. We are able to see into the future without a cloud of sorrow overshadowing our lives. We have discovered how to treasure the memories of Esther, and keep moving forward with her in our hearts.

And yet, the sights of Valentine’s day can take me right back to that day again. I can feel, even just for a little while, the depth of shock, disbelief and pain that permeated our lives. Reliving those memories still takes my breath away. And as strange as it may seem, remembering those heart-wrenching days has become very important to me. Not only because I want to hold onto the only memories I have with my daughter, but also because we still need to grieve. I still need to grieve. In this journey, I have found that allowing the grief to come also allows the healing to come. Out of the depths of grief can also come great depths of healing. With each layer of grief, comes an opportunity for even greater healing.

So as I relive the memories of those broken and yet precious days in February of 2013, I’m recognizing how far God has brought us in this journey. And I’m also allowing myself to grieve, knowing the pain is still very real. But even more, I’m focusing on the one thing that will never change…My love for her. That tiny girl who was in our earthly lives for such a short time, yet will be a part of us forever.

We Love You Esther Kate.








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Happy Birthday Esther Kate

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Merry Christmas Esther!


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