The Untouched Pieces

dandelionA half-gallon of buttermilk dated February 11.

3 bags of quinoa due to odd pregnancy cravings.

The ROSS bag filled with new maternity pants.

The matching puppy dog outfits intended for Kyla and her little sister.

The valentines that were given to the “new baby” just days before she died.

These are the “untouched pieces” in my home. Things that are scattered around our house, having been left just as they were before tragedy touched our family.

Things that are long overdue to be thrown out, stored away, or taken back to the store. But things that I can still look at and remember what it felt like to be so happy and completely ignorant of such devastating pain.

It’s sad to me to realize that soon each of these items will have to be moved. And it reminds me once again of how little control we really have as humans. Not only are we helpless to prevent loss, but we cannot even keep the memories from fading.

As I see these untouched pieces multiple times a day, I can’t help but wonder if maybe there are untouched pieces still in my soul. Pieces of me that are hurting so badly. Pieces of me that I so want to hold onto, even when the reality of what I am clinging to has been lost. Pieces that I have yet to let the strong hands of my heavenly Father hold. Pieces over which I have yet to let Him speak that it’s okay. He is here. He can take it. He can carry it. And through it all, He can preserve me.

I want Him to take every piece of me.

Even when my soul feels as empty as the unused items left around my house, He can fill me again. Even when happy memories fade, and I can’t grasp what I still wish I could, He can be my joy. Even when hopelessness tries to creep up in my heart, He can bring hope once more.

What about you? Are there untouched pieces in your soul? Are there areas that are so painful, you just want to leave them as they are? Maybe the brokenness of this world has touched your life deeply. Unimaginable tragedy. Shattered dreams. Lost hope. Today I invite you…let Him in. He already knows and He cares.

Will you let Him take every piece of you?


  1. Adam Waller says:

    I care.
    I love you!

  2. How precious. Thanks for being so transparent Kalyn. God is surely blessing others through your words and stories. I pray mighty healing for those who come across your blog and continued healing for you and Adam and the rest of the family. I am touched by your words of wisdom and how God is using you through all of this. Thank you.

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