What to Say Wednesday: Something Simple You Can Do

What to say Wednesday 1Welcome to What to Say Wednesday: a weekly tip on how to support grieving parents. Most weeks, we focus here on what to SAY or NOT SAY to someone grieving. But this post is about something you can DO.

Here is today’s tip:

Send a sympathy card.

It may sound simple, but this gesture says a lot. In a society that has strayed from old fashioned mail and hand written letters, taking the time to send a real card shows special care. Adam and I received a number of cards, and several of them were from very unexpected people. Some came a few days after our loss, and some a few weeks. Some had many words, and some very few. They seemed to arrive in our mailbox when we needed them most. Each one meant something to us, and we have kept them all. Just recently, I read through some of the hand written messages, and my heart was touched again. Because of our kind friends, I have learned the love that can be shown through some paper, thoughtful words, and a stamp.

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