My Favorite Part of Family Vacation

kyla car seatLate last night we arrived home from Florida after a 16 hour drive! I have been reflecting on our week. It wasn’t the same without Esther and we missed her every day. We carried her in our hearts and had an enjoyable time as a family. Each day I got to spend time with different members of my birth family. I’m thankful for the opportunity of vacation to bond with each person differently. Here is a summary of what we did each day:

SUNDAY and MONDAY were spent driving 900 miles with Lydia and Josiah keeping Kyla entertained in the back seat.

TUESDAY was filled with rest, swimming, and grocery shopping for what we calculated to be 54 meals a day in our cabin! After 3 hours and 4 shopping carts, Tara, Mom, and I made it out of Wal Mart.

WEDNESDAY we went to Disney World with everyone! We had a great time there, with the electric lights parade and nighttime fireworks being highlights. It was fun to see Kyla’s excitement and watch her eyes light up with each new ride. She kind of went into sensory overload by the evening. As long as we could keep moving and avoid waits, she was flying high! At 11pm, we finished the day with the Winnie the Pooh ride and Kyla got a Pooh bear doll from the gift shop. Then she passed out!


THURSDAY was a mix of swimming in the pool, tennis, and shopping at local malls.

FRIDAY we went to Daytona beach. With packed coolers, swim suits, and lots of sunscreen, we hit the waves! At first, Kyla was terrified of the water and didn’t want any part of her body wet. She started warming up to the waves just as it was time to leave.


SATURDAY was spent swimming and relaxing. It was also the date night for the married couples.

SUNDAY Grammie kept the toddlers while the big people went to Cocoa Beach.



Sunday was probably my favorite day, which leads me to my favorite part of vacation: falling in love with my husband all over again!

AK beachFrom the drive down, to bike rides and runs together, to being at Disney, to spending time on the beach, to date night at Olive Garden, I enjoyed our time together this vacation so much.

Cocoa Beach was the best time with Adam. Even though there were hundreds of people around, it felt like we were the only two. We got to spend a couple hours just relaxing together and listening to the waves. It was wonderful focusing on each other.

I don’t talk much about Adam on here, but he is truly a miraculous gift from God in my life.

In the months since Esther’s death, Adam and I have grown closer than ever before. Losing a child puts tremendous stress on a marriage and will either drive a couple together or apart. I am so thankful that in our pain, we have run to each other.

I feel so blessed to have a husband who is strong, yet sensitive and supportive. I wouldn’t want to spend my life with anyone else.

Adam is truly an amazing man and a wonderful Father. I am so glad that he is the daddy of my girls!

While this vacation will always be remembered as bitter sweet, I will treasure the memories I made with Adam forever. If only Esther could see how she has completely transformed the details of how her mommy and daddy live. Our marriage has been forever changed and strengthened by our tiny, beautiful girl, who was here so briefly, but touched us so deeply. Her life will continue to impact our family as long as we live, and she will always be a part of us.



  1. Adam Waller says:

    Thank you for your love!
    You are the love of my life.

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