A Reflection on Father’s Day…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASince I have a wonderful dad, and an amazing daddy for my children, Father’s Day has always been a good celebration to me.

Yet this year, I have seen first hand another side of fatherhood – the painful limits of even the best dads in the world.

I saw my own dad hurt with me in that hospital room as we met and said goodbye to my baby and his grand baby. He wept, unable this time to save his little girl from the horrible pain. So many times dad had fixed “it.” Scraped knees, hurt feelings, and disappointments. I’ve always known my dad would give his very life for me. This time dad could only sit and cry with me. He would have done anything to take the hurt away.

I watched my husband’s heart break, finding out his baby girl had died and there was nothing he could do. He didn’t even have the chance to fix it. He rocked Esther in the hospital chair and gazed at her little body with the deepest love, knowing he would never get to teach her how to ride a bike, wipe her tears, or raise her as his own. He would have done anything to give her life again.

These two men are my heroes. They are the best Dads I know. Yet they still feel the brokenness of fatherhood on this earth. Sometimes I wonder why it has to be this way.

But yesterday, I was reminded afresh of the one Daddy who is limitless. The one Daddy who knows. And the one Daddy who suffered the ultimate pain of sacrificing His own son to die on the cross for all of humanity.

walking down the aisleHe is the one who can fix every problem. He is the one who understands everything. He is the one who upholds my own dad and my husband in their challenges and hurts as earthly fathers.

I’m so grateful for dads. I’m eternally thankful for my dad and my husband. I could never say enough about what these two men mean to me. Yet I am even more thankful for the Dad that stands behind them.

Friend, whatever happy or sad memories Father’s Day brought you this year, know that your heavenly Daddy loves you. He wants you. He understands your heart, your hurt, and your needs. His arms are open to you today.

If you have a minute, I invite you to click and listen to this song of His love for you: Beloved


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