What to Say Wednesday: Our Friends Did This For Us

What to say Wednesday 1What to Say Wednesday is a weekly tip on how to support parents grieving the loss of a baby. To read more about it, click HERE.

Today’s tip is something you can do instead of say.

In the hours, days, and even weeks following the loss of a baby, even simple tasks can be extremely difficult. Things like cooking and cleaning fall by the wayside, as the parents just try to survive. The shock, grief, confusion, and pain make running a home feel almost impossible. If you know someone who has just recently experienced a loss, take a meal to the family.

This gesture can not only show care, but can be a very practical help. Adam and I had a number of friends and family bring us meals in the days following Esther’s death. Although eating was the last thing on my mind, the rest of my family needed to eat. I remember coming home from the hospital to a refrigerator full of prepared meals. I also remember the days following, watching car after car pull into our driveway bringing food.  Although it couldn’t mend my heart, it was one less thing I had to think about for several days. It was truly a blessing and I am very thankful for our dear friends who gave to us in this way.

So even if it seems like a small thing in such a painful time, don’t underestimate the practical help you can give through a hot meal.


  1. Adam Waller says:

    Good one

  2. Great idea! When we told our preacher and his wife about our loss, she emailed me she wanted to bring us supper. It was just such a blessing. Then she told me she was going to get others from church to sign up to bring us food; it just was so touching and overwhelming. I was so thankful and it was so nice not to have to worry about cooking.


    • Kalyn from Mommy's Heavenly Dream says:


      I’m glad that people from your church were so kind. Thanks for sharing!


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