Happy Birthday Kyla Grace

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2 years ago today at 8:59am, our first baby girl, Kyla Grace, was born. After 4 hours and 45 minutes of labor, Adam and I held our beautiful, 8 lb 2.7 oz miracle in our arms. As I cradled that little girl for the first time, a mommy love was birthed inside of me like I had never imagined. It was powerful, unconditional, and wonderful.

Today I am reminded again of how thankful I am to be a mommy. It is the greatest privilege of my life. My journey as a mom so far has been filled with both joy and heartache, but  I will always believe the joy is so much greater than the pain. That’s the amazing thing about being a mommy. My girls are my greatest blessings. I wish they were both here and that will never change. Yet I am just so grateful that I get to be their mommy. I treasure my daughter here on earth and I treasure my daughter waiting for me in heaven.


On this special day, just wanted to say, Happy 2nd birthday to Kyla! Sweet girl, thanks for making me a mommy for the first time! You bring me so much laughter and joy. I’m proud of you! You are a wonderful daughter, and you are also a big sister to little Esther in heaven, even though you don’t know her yet. One day, we will spend eternity all together and it will be perfect. We love you so much…



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