My Number One Priority in Life

photo-2Recently, Kyla and I went to pick blueberries at a beautiful, local berry farm. Since we had a bit a drive,we did our morning devotions in the car. As I saw her enthusiasm to pray and sing that day, I was reminded afresh of my number one priority in life:

To follow Jesus, and to teach my children to obey Him.

If I do this, I will be successful as  a mom. Even more now that Esther has gone before us, this is my passion. She is in the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on. I believe she is saying, “Run! Press On! Believe! It’s worth it!”

I want to finish this race of life. I want to run well. I want to make her proud. I want to finish my calling. I want to bring our Father glory.

As I looked back in the rear view mirror on our way to the farm that day, I saw Kyla lifting her hands and worshiping Jesus. Nothing brings me greater joy than this because our King is worthy.

Some people would say, “How can you still worship a God who allowed your baby to die?” I would say, “How can I not?” He is still the same. He is still good. He is still worthy of my life and my worship, and He will have it all.

photo-3Friend, I don’t know what you are going through today, but I assure you of this one thing: God, the Almighty, has not changed. He is still on the throne. He is still ruling and reigning. He is still the righteous judge. And he is still the merciful father.

More than ever, I have a passion to run after God and train my family to run with everything they have. For us, there is a double reward ahead: eternity with our God, and our little Esther waiting for us at the end.

“So let us run with endurance the race set before us fixing our eyes on Jesus…Who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross…”(Hebrews 12)

Because of Jesus, we can endure. We keep running, knowing there is an unspeakable joy set before us as well.

Today, I ask…What are you running for?


  1. I agree–no matter what happens, God is good. Through some seasons it’s really hard to understand. I’m glad to see that Esther is helping us all see what’s most important in life!

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