What to Say Wednesdsay: Speak Up

What to say Wednesday 1Welcome to What to Say Wednesday…where you can find tips on how to support parents who have experienced loss.

Here is today’s tip:

One of the most meaningful things some of my friends and family members have done in the last few months, is voice how much they miss Esther. Whether it be at a big get together, or just in the quiet company of a couple people, when someone simply says, “I wish she was here with us,” it means the world to me.

It might seem odd for someone to say they miss a baby that was not their own. After all, no one loves and misses a child as much as the parents. Yet saying, “I miss ______(fill in the baby’s name)” can truly touch a parent’s heart. When someone tells me that they miss Esther, it makes me feel like her life had weight. That she is real, she is loved, and she is missed. So, go ahead. Communicate that you, too, miss the little life that has gone ahead to heaven.


  1. So true! One of the sweetest things was when a lady who did not know us before we lost our baby simply sat and cried with me one day. She said that, while she didn’t get to meet him, that she loved him. “He’s real, and I love him and know he’s in heaven.” Needless to say, this lady has forever endeared herself to me.

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