Have You Been Touched by a Baby’s Life? Speak Up About It

What to say Wednesday 1One of the hardest things for parents after loss, is feeling like their baby is forgotten or did not leave an imprint on this world. In reality, a baby’s life and death may have touched many people. One of the sweetest things that someone can say to me, is that Esther’s life has changed their life. It has given them a new perspective, reminded them of what is really important, or just touched them in a special way. I love hearing that my baby girl has impacted someone else’s life. That she has left a mark here. Many people have told me this and continue to, and I am so grateful.

So here is today’s tip: If you have been touched by a baby’s brief life, or maybe through something the parents have done to honor the precious life, speak up about it. It will mean the world to a mommy and daddy living without their little one.


  1. Esther Kate’s life has definitely changed my life forever… My family will never be the same… We love you guys so so much…

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