One Year Ago Today

photo(7)Exactly one year ago today, November 24, 2013 is a day I will never forget. It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We were at the end of an enjoyable week with family, and had plans to put up our Christmas tree and decorations. I had been having a funny feeling on and off all week. A little bit of nausea, some odd fatigue, and then a big emotional breakdown over nothing that morning. Adam took Kyla for a little morning Daddy time, and I was heading off to do a little bit of shopping. All at once, the dots connected. Maybe…just maybe these weird happenings were related. No sooner had Adam left did I decide to check my theory. I will never forget the emotions that washed over me as I saw those two pink lines appear. Excitement. Anticipation. Wonder. Amazement. Shock. Joy.  My heart was pounding as I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “I am a mother of two!”

I called Adam and asked him to come home so we could talk. He thought it was in reference to the silly argument we had just had(Thanks to my hormones). I had something else to talk about entirely! I knew then that I wanted the memories of this day to be very special because I would always remember it. But I didn’t know just how much I would later treasure this day.

Adam’s excitement was thrilling to me. Within minutes we were dreaming of what life would be like as a family of four. We thought about my belly getting huge, Kyla learning to be a big sister, driving our car with two car seats, and having another passenger for the wagon we had just bought.

True joy filled our home and the day proved to be even much happier and exciting than we had planned. We practically giggled all the way to pick out a Christmas tree, and dreamed of the years to come with our happy family.

Today, I am so thankful that I got to experience that joy. I am thankful that we made it a special day that was monumental in our family. I am thankful for the excitement, anticipation, and love that Adam and I shared over our second child on that first day we knew she existed. And most of all, I am thankful for the incredible miracle of her life.

As you might imagine, today has been an emotional day. But it has also been a special day, reliving the memories from last year. One of the lessons Esther has taught me is to live in the moment and enjoy the season you are in. You never know when it may end. I will always, always treasure the season that Esther was here with us on earth.

In closing, I want to ask…

What season are you in? Are you living fully in the joy of today? If you lost something or someone out of your life, would you be able to look back with special memories of the time you had?

Just a few of my thoughts from today…

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PS Ironically, it was the exact same date two years prior that we found out we were pregnant with Kyla. We didn’t even realize the coincidence of days until our first OB appointment when the nurse looked at my chart and exclaimed in shock that it was the exact same date again. Our two girls will always share this special day in our family!


  1. I love you K and am very proud of you and im praying for you today…

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