A Birthday Celebration for Our Little Girl in Heaven

Arranging the flowers

In honor of Esther’s first birthday in heaven, Adam and I held a small party last Monday. It was such a sweet time of celebrating Esther’s life. We met a few family members at the cemetery to visit her grave and have a time of remembering.

Everyone brought flowers and her little spot has never looked  so beautiful! As we gathered around for a time of sharing, it was hard to believe that a year had passed since Esther’s memorial service in that same place. After reading some scriptures, we photo(30)took time to let everyone share how Esther’s life has touched them this year. It was wonderful to hear how our tiny baby has impacted all of our family, and even others outside the family.

So many sweet things were said that truly touched my mommy heart. We cried together, laughed together, and honored Esther’s place in our family. We talked about the joy and promise that we have of eternity with Jesus, and we sang photo(31)one of my favorite songs, “My Hope is Built.” We ended talking about Hebrews 12:1-3, and how Esther is now in the great cloud of witnesses cheering us on to finish the race of this life. Before leaving, we took some pictures to remember the special day.

Next, everyone came to our house for cake and snacks. It was very special to have a party for our girl. We are so thankful to our families for being so very kind, supportive, and involved.

photo(29)Many people don’t understand having a birthday party for a baby who was stillborn. They would think it is strange, too sad, unnecessary, or pointless. Yet we really felt in or hearts it was something we wanted to do and we are SO glad we did! We have found that usually the easiest ways to handle grief (pretend it away, don’t talk about it) usually are the most damaging, while the hardest ways (remembering, talking, feeling) produce the most healing.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe also believe that sharing our pain and our joy with our family members brings us closer. Lastly, by being open about our grief this year, we have seen many other lives receive healing and hope through Esther’s life. What a wonderful legacy to leave!

As Adam and I drove away from the cemetery, an analogy came to me. The grief of losing Esther has felt like a river that is constantly flowing. I know this kind of grief never truly “ends” in this life. We will grieve her absence for the rest of our lives. YET OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwhen we talk about her, share with family about her, do things in her memory, and celebrate who she is, it feels like another river is opened to intermingle with the grief: a river of healing and joy.

So while we feel the immense loss, (and we always will) we also feel the healing and the joy washing over us today.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn closing, I wanted to share a beautiful poem that my 16 year old brother wrote for Esther’s birthday…

In Memory of Esther Kate

As a mother cries

As a father mourns

So the family hears the call

photo(33)In times of pain

In times of joy

Though we can’t see you now we all still feel

The abounding love passing through our hearts to fill

You have left a legacy for me

A meaning for all

Esther Kate, you marvel us all

Here you will see an uncle full of thanks

At a special time

On a special day

Esther Kate….Happy Birthday


Thank you to all of our family members who took part in our celebration Monday. Thanks for the flowers, cards, and memories. We love you so very much.

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  1. It was a perfect celebration for a perfectly beautiful little girl…
    We love and miss you Esther Kate. You would be proud of your mommy and daddy today.

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