Easter as a Family of 5!

Happy Resurrection Sunday! What a glorious day. Jesus is alive and death has been conquered!

Holidays the last 14 months have been difficult and Easter is no exception.

I remember the emptiness and grief that was overwhelming last year, when I should have had a nice round belly. I remember crying over Esther’s grave wondering if it would always feel this way. I remember feeling numb by what our family had experienced.

This year still hurts, we are still grieving, and we still feel the emptiness. As I picked out Kyla’s Easter dress, I checked (like normal) to see if there was one that would be Esther’s size. Then I paused for a moment and imagined them in matching pink and white dresses…taking pictures, looking for eggs, playing side by side, enjoying life as sisters. This brings tears to my eyes afresh. This should be Esther’s first Easter. Instead it is her second in heaven.

Yet as I feel frustrated and empty with only one Easter dress again this year, I realize that this is THE holiday that brings true hope beyond death. This is why Esther lives today! This is why we will join her with Jesus one day…because of our Father God’s sacrifice, and because of His victorious plan.

Our Savior came to defeat pain, sickness, suffering and death brought about by sin. And we know that He finished the work.

Even though we hurt, we rejoice today. We celebrate. We smile and laugh knowing that this life is temporary, but eternity is forever!

After church, we plan to visit Esther’s grave to put some lily’s there, and to leave “Lamby” to visit for the day. Lamby is a special stuffed baby sheep that Kyla and I picked out yesterday. It reminds us of how much we love Esther, and it symbolizes the Lamb who was slain and who rose again to defeat death and purchase our eternal life. We will pick Lamby back up at the end of the day and Kyla will take care of it for Esther. She is really excited about it and I hope this can be a special tradition in our family.

No matter what you are going through this Easter, I pray that you too choose to celebrate the cross and the resurrection. Our God is worthy. Because Jesus lives we can live! And because He lives we can face whatever comes, because we know the end of the story!

In closing, wanted to share my very favorite Easter song: Because He Lives

Happy Easter Kyla!

Happy Easter baby in my belly!

And happy Easter my little Esther who is already experiencing His full glory today!

We are so blessed this year as a family of five…

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