22 Weeks! A Pregnancy Update

I know I am overdue for a pregnancy update! I have sat down to write one so many times, and for some reason, the words have just not come out right. The odd mix of excitement, anxiety, joy, grief, and anticipation that have characterized this pregnancy sometimes do not help me produce the best blog posts. :) So finally here it is…

photo(36)Today we are 22 weeks and 2 days along! We are celebrating each week as a new milestone. Sometimes it is hard to believe we have made it this far, and some days it feels like I’ve been pregnant forever. :) It finally feels real and we are starting to prepare for this new little person joining our family in just a few short months!

We are currently “Team Green” as they call it. Which simply means we are not finding out the gender of the baby ahead of time. We are going to be surprised at birth!

Kyla is so excited to have a baby on the way to live with us. She loves to kiss my belly and say, “See you soon, baby.” But…she has already been informing me that she does not want to help with the baby’s diaper changes. she says that she would rather help with the baths! Since she is potty trained and diapers are a yucky thing of the past, I guess she doesn’t want to get too close! She also changes her mind approximately every 4 weeks as to whether she thinks the baby is a boy or girl.

Adam is so supportive, as usual, and I feel he has bonded with this baby in a unique way. I’m so thankful he is the one sharing this journey with me. He is such a good daddy!

My absolute favorite thing right now is feeling kicks and flutters throughout the day and night. I first felt the baby move very early this time, but started feeling daily movement by about 18-19 weeks. It is so reassuring, and I feel that I can fully appreciate every squirm and jab like never before. I find myself smiling, chuckling, and just enjoying the wonderful movements of LIFE. There are just no words to explain how much this baby’s kicks mean to me.

I’m not going to lie, every day feels like an uphill climb. The emotions, fears, and questions are constantly present. But so is the joy. And at the end of each day, I look back and realize that we are one day closer to holding this little bundle in our arms.

We have had a few ultrasounds recently, and here are a some of my favorite pictures:

Profile at 18 weeks 5 days

Profile at 18 weeks 5 days

Foot at 20 weeks

Foot at 20 weeks

Profile at 22 weeks

Profile at 22 weeks

Adam and I ask for your continued prayer over the next weeks. We are trusting God to bring forth this child healthy, whole, and at just the right time.

Thanks so much for your support!

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