31 Weeks! An update on “London Baby”

1604829_10152509795054449_4036158946924709726_nWe are getting so close to finally meeting our little baby #3! We just passed the 31 week mark and we are counting down the days until we bring this baby home in our arms!

Yesterday we had an eventful day of follow up appointments at our specialist’s office. After our car broke down 2 hours in to the 2.5 hour drive, Adam and I found ourselves scrambling to try to make it to the office! I must have looked like a site waddling down a busy interstate with my big belly and purse in tow. An off duty police officer stopped, alarmed to see us walking in such a dangerous part of the city. He gave us a ride to a metro-link station, where we attempted to navigate our way around a large city’s mass transit system (we are not city folk :-) ). Although slightly sweaty and flustered, we amazingly walked in 2 minutes before our appointment time. Thank goodness we had budgeted an extra hour!

A repeat ultrasound showed that our little one is now in the 35 percentile for growth! This was wonderful news after the last scan put him/her in the 13 percentile, very close to the 10% cutoff where extra tests are ordered. According to their estimation, baby now weighs approximately 3 lbs, 10 oz. Yeah!

As for the appearance of the two kidneys, nothing much has changed. No healthy right kidney could be seen, but rather a cystic, tubular structure lower in the pelvis than a normal kidney would be. The doctor’s are calling it a dysplastic kidney (kidney that did not form correctly). The left kidney looks very good, with still a slight dilation (possible backflow of urine or mild hydronephrosis). My amniotic fluid levels are very good, which shows that there is still adequate kidney function.

Overall, we are relieved and thankful. The kidney function is remaining stable, and the left kidney looks very good.

We also met with a pediatric care coordinator who was able to answer more of our questions, and explain what the baby’s care will be like after birth. As of now, the pediatric urologist believes that a normal delivery plan will be fine, with follow up a couple weeks after the baby is born. The overall outlook  is very good, and for that we are truly thankful.

We ask for your continued prayers over this much loved little one. We know that nothing is too difficult for God. He has a plan for this child’s life and He will bring it about. We are still believing for a miracle, with no health problems for this child. Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support.

On another note, we also just got back from a refreshing trip to the Smoky Mountains with my family. It was nice to get away and enjoy some family relaxation time. Here are a few pictures…


Recently my dad was praying over the baby, and accidentally had the voice to text on his phone turned on. If you have ever used this feature, you know how inaccurate the dictation is! We are not sure what my dad was actually saying, but after everyone in the family received a hilarious text message praying for “London Baby,” the nickname stuck! So for now, until we reveal the baby’s actual name at birth, this little one is affectionately called “London Baby.” :-)

Thanks again for your prayers.

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