Happy 4th Birthday Esther




Happy birthday Esther Kate! 4 years ago I saw you for the first time. I held your tiny body in my arms while my heart felt like it would burst with love for you. Knowing we would soon have to say goodbye, we tried to squeeze as much love into a few hours as possible. You were so beautiful. You are so beautiful.

IMG_0103Even though we are not together to celebrate, we had a party for you! It is amazing to realize you already see what we cannot imagine. You are experiencing the truest love, and the purest life with our Savior, Jesus. We hurt that you are not here, but we rejoice that you are not really missing out. We are so thankful for your brief life, and its incredible eternal significance. I love you more every day that goes by, and cannot wait to know you one day.

I am so thankful You were given to me.


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