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In the last few weeks, Adam and I have found many resources to help grieving moms and dads, as well as siblings and grandparents. While some have been more helpful than others, I continue to be thankful for words of experience, encouragement, and advice during this time.

I would like to share some of my favorite books, websites, etc. here.

Please keep in mind that just because I list a site or a book does not mean I agree with everything 100%. Rather, I’ve had to “weed through” most of the resources I have found to pull out the good information and discard the parts that are not helpful. Yet I have found that reading different people’s stories offers unique perspectives to grieving parents.

I will be adding to this list as time goes on.

Here is a start…


1. I Will Carry You


Angie and Todd Smith (from the group Selah) have been a real encouragement to me. In I Will Carry You, they share very openly about the grief of losing their 4th daughter, Audrey. I have found strength reading their story, and can really relate to what to they say. The subtitle sums it up so well: The Sacred Dance of Grief and Joy. This has become one of my favorite books.

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2. I Will Carry You Song by Selah

The Smiths also wrote this song to their baby Audrey while she was still in the womb. It is beautiful and has become very special to me. It took a little while before I could listen to the whole thing since it is very emotional, but it expresses the heart of bereaved parents so well.

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3. Heaven is For Real 

heaven is for realAdam and I read this book just one week after we lost our little girl. We laughed, cried, and imagined heaven with Esther there. All in all, a very sweet book, looking at heaven from a child’s eyes.

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4. When Your Baby Dies Through Miscarriage or Stillbirth

when your baby dies...This little book was given to me and absolutely touched my heart. It felt like someone was describing my exact emotions. It is written very simply and includes poems and prayers, questions and answers, and stories and advice. I really like this practical book.

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I would love to hear from you! What other resources have you found to support grieving families?


  1. Holding onto Hope by Nancy Guthrie was wonderful for me. She shares her own story of unbelievable loss and weaves it together with the story of Job from the Old Testament. It really gives a context to suffering and stops the “Why Me?” question in its tracks.

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